RHA Collection

Founded in 1823, the Royal Hibernian Academy  of Arts is one of Ireland’s principal public art galleries and hosts world-class exhibitions of Irish and international artists. The gallery provides a vital platform for contemporary Irish art and artists and admission is always free.

The RHA holds a unique position in Irish culture as the oldest artist-led visual arts institution in the country, founded nearly 100 years in advance of the formation of the independent Irish state.  Having existed either side of the Republic’s formation, and through the War of Independence, the RHA’s significance within both the historic and art-historic landscape of the country is unparalleled. 


The RHA is the only organisation that can be seen to have provided a consistent platform for the creation and exhibition of Irish art for the last two centuries. The RHA Collection currently consists of 470 works of art spanning from 1748 to the present day. The majority of the Collection is made up of work by RHA Members known as Diploma Pieces. These are works presented to the Academy by each new Member upon election to the Academy. The Collection also includes works of Academy Members that have been donated over the years by the Gallery’s patrons and other Member artists.