Rajinder Singh: Pale in Saffron

17 February - 26 March 2023

In Pale in Saffron, Rajinder’s sculptural dance-making is informed by his research into the gestures, movements and rhythms of the often-sacred practice of turban tying in South Asia. 


In his work, the fabric and the rituals connected to it become a springboard to the architectural and to movement. He uses choreographic approaches and techniques of scoring, staging, rehearsing and improvising to create structures that attempt to transcend; shed their material; negate their weight; and rise into an abstraction, something beyond, something yet to be revealed. 


As a sculptor, Rajinder moulds and organises various forces to a state of equilibrium, to a particular moment, when – through the intermediary of all materials involved:  human, chemical and mechanical – an imprint is taken, creating a world as it is not. 


Rajinder’s lifelong connection to the fabric and the gesture, as well as the movements and rhythms that come with it, bring agency in the process of subjectivation to the apparatus of flow and formlessness, entering into a dialogue with form, structure and systems.